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BHEL Electronics Division (EDN) ,located at Mysore Road ,Bangalore along with Electronics Systems Division (ESD-part of EDN), located at Electronics City ,Bangalore is a leading supplier of new Generation Power Plant Automation and Control Systems.

The Electronics Division has also emerged as a leading player in the field of power transmission and distribution, industry, transportation and non-conventional energy sources. The state-of-the-art equipment and systems manufactured, meet the demanding requirements of both the national and international markets in terms of technical specification and quality.


The Division has established references both in India and overseas by successful Installation of Power Plant Automation and Photovoltaic Systems. Besides providing unified solutions for various control system applications, the Division proudly holds the largest market share for Power Plant Automation Systems in India



  • Power Plant Industries:Advanced control & automation equipment and systems for power plants & process industries
  • Transmission and Distribution: Providing solutions for improving the efficiency, quality of power and system stability
  • Transportation:IGBT based Traction Drive Systems for Locomotives
  • Defence: Simulation systems and Controls for Naval Ships
  • Non-Conventional Energy:Photovoltaic Cells, Modules, MW size Power Plants, Space grade Solar Panels, Space batteries and provide system level solutions



Behind the success of BHEL-EDN lies a major contribution of its prime assets, the people.The environment at EDN has a whiff of freshness about it, carrying an exciting mix of tradition and innovation. The team of highly qualified and experienced professionals is fully geared to face new challenges. Each one of them, a talented individual performer and a committed team player, is proud of the BHEL-EDN ethos. Many of them have been trained abroad at the collaborators’ establishments in critical areas like design, production, quality assurance and commissioning as well as management concepts.

BHEL-EDN’s strong team of highly efficient and experienced installation and commissioning engineers ensures customer delight by responding to their requirements even at short notices.Restoration of power station units in shortest possible period at Srisailam HEP Andhra Pradesh submerged in flood waters, Kothagudem TPS Andhra Pradesh ravaged by fire and SEE sets submerged in flood waters at Tenompangi HEP (Malaysia) are just a few examples of commitment of BHEL engineers, which have been highly acclaimed by the customers.

To ensure the continuous motivation of its employees, BHEL-EDN encourages them to take active part in improving efficiency and performance, through suggestion and productivity schemes.Periodic in-house as well as external training sessions, seminars and other programmes, ensure that the team is always at the leading edge of the latest technological developments and managerial concepts.


Quality Policy
In its quest to be Global Engineering Enterprise, BHEL pursues continual improvement in the quality of its products, services and performance leading to Customer Delight through commitment, Innovation and team work of all employees.
Quality Objectives
To optimize
•Product/ Service Quality by improving key processes.
•Value Addition by reducing Cost of Quality.
•Customer Satisfaction by improving delivery and response.
•Quality of Supplies by improving supplier performance.
•Capability of human resources by upgrading skill and competence


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