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CSR VISION : Committed towards holistic welfare of the society

CSR MISSION: A Committed corporate citizen alive towards its Social Responsibility

Besides excelling in its core areas of activity, BHEL-EDN has always been striving to be a good corporate citizen, contributing towards the upliftment of the poorer and backward sections of the society.

BHEL Electronics Division has adopted three villages near Bangalore viz., Doddagollarahatti, Varahasandra and Byragi colony. The villagers who were deprived of even basic amenities, have been given solar powered lights, potable water, medical facilities, houses, school buildings and other essential facilities, resulting in a remarkable transformation in the living conditions of the villagers.The villages today wear a strikingly different look mainly due to the efforts of BHEL.

  • Besides creating infrastructure, BHEL has successfully transformed the minds of the villagers to accept these facilities and be a part of the mainstream society.
  • BHEL has also been responding positively, to the calls of the nation during crisis like natural calamities etc. The company has also been making humble contributions to less privileged people like the mentally and physically challenged, by providing periodical assistance.
  • In its quest to protect the ecology and environment in and around its plant, BHEL has been striving to create environment-friendly atmosphere through greeneries and eco-friendly business practices.
  • With the objective of developing young engineers from the rural belts of the country, BHEL has been providing them with in-depth professional training.


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