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With a view to bring world-class technologies from World leaders to Indian clients, BHEL EDN has over the years entered into strategic alliances with many international giants and sourced technologies from them.


The significant tie- ups for different products / systems include:


Metso Automation (MA) :

Distributed Control Systems

General Electric :

Gas Turbine Controls

AC Drive Controls


Distributed Control Systems

Static Excitation Systems

HVDC Controls

Large Area Power Semiconductor Devices

Siemens AG :

DC Drive Controls

Power Semiconductor Devices

Brushless Excitation Systems

Electronic Automation for Steam Turbines

ADtranz (through CLW) :

3 Phase AC Loco Controls

Alstom (Traxis) :

3 Phase AC / DC EMU Controls

Sulzer Brothers :

HP / LP, HP, PRDS Controls

Stock Equipment Company :

Gravimetric Feeder Controls

Combustion Engineering :

Flame Scanner Amplifiers

Lockheed Martin Information Systems :

Tactical Training Simulators for Tanks


Infantry Weapon Effects Simulator Systems

Spartanics :

Small Arms Training Simulators


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